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Hi there, this is my first blog post ever, so dont be too harsh with me okay? 😉
Virtually every Internet User is using it but almost no one knows exactly or even has somewhat a hint about how it’s functioning. So let me inform you what’s behind the cost search enginge you’re using to analyse prices for particular products. Of course there is not one way  such search engines work, but I want to inform you about the high popular ones.

The biggest and most popular cost comparing Web Search Eninge use the aggregation of a centralised database. For instance I want to pick out those search Web Search Engines which analyze the cost of flights. In this particular subject a centralized database does exist. All grand air travel company puts the information about their flights into this database. In the times before the Internet every journey agency used the entries from this database to make their client an offering. Now every one is able to check this database on his own. But of course its much more easy to utilize a web service or like in the old days hiring a travelling agency doing the job for you. Only through this database the Web Services are able to provide you a answer of your look for within minutes. For example in Germany the page Flüge Vergleichen manages this kind of work.  Because they don’t search through and through this database live. They prefilter the information and solely gives you what you are looking for. The air travel companies put the information into the database because of course they want to trade their flights. The web services or search engines separate out this information for you because they make cash through advertising.

So today you are able to be your own traveling agent and check the cheapest costs on your own. Furthermore there are a lot of Web services which offer slenderly the same, but always with infinitesimal divergence in the results. This divergence exists because every web service uses his own algorithm to separate out the information in the database. For top-quality results I recommend that you use not only one but a lot  of those search engines. They are all free because they are paid through advertising, and it’s a matter of seconds to check a some of those Web services to receive the genuine lowest costs for the flight of your dreams.

I hope this info helps you and I will go much more into detail in my coming post where I will especially inform you about the Dijkstra algorithm which is used to get the best results or the cheapest price or the shortest path. So follow me and study much more about the service you use just about day-after-day .